Grade 2 - Intermediate Course

Min 11,950

Grade2 - 12 weeks -
1 seession per week - 90mins Each - 11,950
2 sessions per week - 90 mins Each - 15,950

Review (Music Theory,Power Chords,Scales,Strumming Techniqeu in Q and 8th note)
Rhythm Concepts
Open Chords
16th note strumming technique
Combination of various strumming patterns
Advanced strumming Technique
Accented Strumming
Palm Muting
Practising with the Metronome
Ear Training
Music Theory
Introduction To Scales
Technique of Playing Songs using the strumming technique and music theory
Learning to Play Contemporary Hits
Technique of Singing While Playing Guitar
Jamming with drum backing tracks

Once Registered: There will be no refund possible under any circumstances