Grade 3

Min ₹ 10,990

Grade 3 :
Module 1 - 1 session per week for 12 weeks(11,950)
Module 1 + Module 2 - 2 sessions per week for 12 weeks(17,950)

Module 1
12 Weeks , 2 session back to back on the same day, 1 day in a week.

Learn Open Chords
Advanced Strumming Techniques
Learn To Sing Over Advanced Strumming Techniques
Major and Minor Open Chords .
Chords in C Scale .
Learn Songs in C scale
Chords In D Scale
Learn Songs in D scale

Module 2
Pentatonic Scales
Combine 5 areas of pentatonic scales
Solloing techniques
Barre Chords
Chords in G Scales
Songs in G scale
Chords in A scale
Songs in A Scale

The course has to be completed within 12 weeks from the first class.

Batch timings - Wed, Fri @ 7p.m
Sat 10.30a.m, 3.30p.m
Sunday 10.30 a.m 2p.m

Terms and Conditions
No Refund and no extension of the course for more than 12 weeks.