Your First $100: Game Plan & Strategies for Affiliate Marketing with 100+ Affiliate Programs

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Many of the bloggers start their blogging journey as hobbies. They start writing and then think that they can make money blogging easily. It seems easy when the pro bloggers share their income reports of making thousands of dollars every day. But what they do not share is the hard work, strategies and ‘real’ sources of their revenue.

This is about to be changed. You are going to make your first $100 and you are going to make it first.

Every successful blog out there, they have a system to make money blogging which they repeat to make thousands every day. And that is what we are going to achieve with this book.

This book will show you to create a system to make your first $100 through your blog. And for it, we are going to understand affiliate marketing as it is the fastest way to make money from your blog.

Why affiliate marketing?

Thanks to the internet and online shopping portals, shopping has never been easier. Moreover, most of such shopping apps or portals offer cashback or reward points if someone downloads a particular app through your link. For example, how many of us had gotten free rides on Uber or Ola when our friends downloaded the app by clicking the link, we sent to them?
That benefit is called Affiliate Marketing, my friend! And aren’t we good at it!

Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest ways to make money from blogging. Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where you refer to an online product, and if someone buys the product through your referral, you get a commission.
Affiliate marketing is inexpensive; in fact, free to use.

Many bloggers keep shy of affiliate marketing (I made this mistake too!). It took me a long time to realise that if I want to create a decent blogging income, I must try and adapt an affiliate marketing strategy.

So, here I am sharing my time-tested affiliate marketing strategy to make your first $100. I have gone in-depth to explain affiliate marketing and how it works for non-techy bloggers, how to choose a lucrative topic and how to incorporate your skills with it to make affiliate sales.

But in my opinion, the real value lies in the 100+ affiliate programs I have listed in the book. I have sorted them niche wise and also explained how to join those programs via Affiliate marketplaces and an approximate idea of how much they pay.

But the real success will come to you only when you are willing to work hard, invest time in understanding the process and take the necessary steps to earn your first $100. To help you further, I have included an affiliate post template in the book that has helped me to earn money in the book. This book will teach you-

Money Making Mindset
Content Plan for Affiliate Marketing
Strategies Worth Sharing
100+ Affiliate Programs