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The Geography of Rajasthan PDF is an attempt to provide chapter-wise information on various topics that for part of RAS Examination Geography Syllabus. The PDF contains 19 chapters covering across dimension of Geography, most of the information is available on the website of RajRAS in geography section.

The idea behind PDF is to consolidate the information related Geography of Rajasthan in single document. The Geography of Rajasthan PDF is not merely notes made out of standard books, rather, most of the information has been sourced from Newspapers, Rajasthan Government sites, and other current affairs sources. Few of the static Geography chapters have been prepared from standard Books.

The book is intended to supplement aspirants preparing for RAS exams. Updated June 2019

Total Pages: 214

Table of Contents:

Physical Divisions of Rajasthan
Geology of Rajasthan
Earthquake Hazard in Rajasthan
Climate of Rajasthan
Water Resources of Rajasthan
Water Resource Management
Rivers of Rajasthan
Important Lakes in Rajasthan
Important Dams of Rajasthan
Irrigation in Rajasthan
Indira Gandhi Canal
Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project: ERCP
Medium Scale Irrigation Projects
Soils of Rajasthan
Conservation of Soils of Rajasthan
Agro-climatic Zones of Rajasthan
Land Use pattern of Rajasthan
Natural Vegetation-Forests of Rajasthan
Wildlife of Rajasthan
Wildlife Protected Areas of Rajasthan
Livestock of Rajasthan
Tribes of Rajasthan
Hydrocarbon Rajasthan Basin
Mines & Minerals of Rajasthan
Agriculture Snapshot of Rajasthan

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