PDF: Modern History of Rajasthan (1707-1947)

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The PDF Modern History of Rajasthan enlists the important topics in history of Rajasthan during the modern period (1700- 1947):

Contents: Modern History of Rajasthan PDF

New States in Rajasthan during Modern Period

Jat Rulers of Bharatpur
Kachwaha Rulers of Modern Alwar State
Kachwaha Rulers of Jaipur
Shekhawats of Sikar
Rulers of Jhalawar

Maratha Power in Rajasthan

Maratha in Rajasthan

British Rule & Freedom Movement in Rajasthan

British Treaty with Rajputana States
Revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan
Press and Journalism during British Rule
Major Associations of Political Awareness
Peasant Movements in Rajasthan
Tribal Movements in Rajasthan
Freedom Fighters of Rajasthan
Praja Mandal Movement in Rajasthan
Administration of Rajasthan under British Rule
Land Revenue System in Rajasthan during British

Post Independence History of Rajasthan

Rajasthan State Formation: Post Independence
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