Donation for Community Seed Bank for Native Seeds

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Community Seed Bank for Native Seeds

Hello Friends,
We are very much excited to start the construction of Community Seed Bank at our farm.

Project Mission:
• To collect, preserve, multiply and propagate our native, bio diversified seeds among farmers and home gardeners.
• To bring back and popularize our native vegetables and crops varieties to local markets which are at present filled with hybrids and GMO.
• To create awareness about low cost, natural, healthy, alternative buildings built using locally available building materials from natural sources.

About the project:
The community seed bank’s proposed built-up area is 600sqft and will be made from 100% natural building materials. Indigenous seed storage methods and techniques will be used for preservation.
It is to be constructed in an acre of organic farm land, producing native vegetables, seeds for preservation and propagation.

Project Duration: 120 days
Project Area: 950 sqft
Estimated Cost: INR 6,00,000/-
Note: Initial proposed project area was 500 to 600 sqft with estimate cost of Rs.400000/-

Click here to view the proposed seed bank project layout.
Click here to view the Community Seed Bank Project video.

Who is building it for us?
Architects from Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes headed by Mr.Biju Bhaskar have free-willed for this project design and construction.

Would you love to volunteer?
We welcome volunteers who love to dirty their hands in constructing this community seed bank project and thereby learn mud home construction, natural farming and Miyawaki tree plantation methodology.

You may help us through your funds also!
The contribution will cover land preparation expenses, building materials, seed storage pods, solar panels, tree saplings, labour charges etc. A detailed expense report will be emailed for your reference.

For further queries:
Please call us at +91-8105311882 or email us in <>

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