Back To School 2021 - Help us help these youngsters!

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Min ₹ 700

Help us help these young and motivated children get "Back To School" with new, multi-purpose uniforms they can be proud of!

The problem

We work with children in Govt Schools in the Whitefield area. With schools reopening we are seeing several children in classrooms without uniforms or wearing old and torn uniforms. With several new admissions in our Government schools this year due to the pandemic there is an acute and immediate shortage of uniforms. We want every child to wear a uniform every day to school. The government provides one set and that is totally inadequate and this year we are yet to receive supplies for several new admissions. Beyond removing a significant barrier to education, uniforms legitimize a student, instill a sense of pride and put all children on a level playing field.

The Solution

Our Uniform campaign seeks to provide uniforms to 2500 students in three Government schools ( GHPS Ramagondanhalli, GHPS Siddapura, and GHPS Nallurhalli, and possibly other neighbouring schools in Tubarahalli and Immadihalli). Every Rs700/- contribution will help us provide for a new set of School uniforms for every child.

Long-Term Impact

For our students pandemic has been extremely difficult socially, emotionally, and financially. School is the only happy place for them which was taken away from them. Many are feeling disconnected from learning and have suffered great learning loss. We believe new uniforms will motivate them to get back into the rhythm of school life and get back to learning.