Complete Guide to Selling


Want to start an online business but don’t know where or how to start? Look no further. In the following 9 chapters, we will guide you step-by-step on how to set up an online business - right from idea generation to setting up an online business store.

Chapter 1. Introduction

India is undergoing a drastic digital change. The internet has opened up a world of possibilities in our country. If you want to start an online business but need some motivation, this chapter can give you the right reasons to be in business.

Chapter 2. Selling Online in India

Not sure about how to approach new markets when it comes to your online small business? This chapter gives you a bird’s eye view of how you can tap into niche markets and product ideas with real-life examples and more.

Chapter 3. Online Business Ideas 101

Did you know someone made a million dollars by just selling “pet rocks”? This chapter is a double dose of business ideas - some stupid ones that went on to become blockbuster businesses and some general ones on what to start selling online.

Chapter 4. Start Selling Online

All set with your business idea? Time to get the plan rolling! There are several platforms in India where you can start selling online. In this chapter we’ll discover options to get you started with your online business.

Chapter 5. Online Store Name Ideas

Your online business is more than just an online store. It is your brand. Don’t let a bad brand name bring down your business. This chapter is your user manual to finding the perfect name for your online store.

Chapter 6. Designing Your Online Store

Think of your online store as the face of your business. Dress it up and be presentable! You want to make the design of your online store recognisable. This chapter introduces you to some free tools with which you can design a memorable logo and cover image.

Chapter 7. Selling Online Without Website

In the era of social media, you don’t always need to have a website to start selling online. There are so many visual media that you can start selling on! In this segment, we will explore how to sell on different social media platforms in India. This chapter has three parts.

Chapter 8. Kickass Product Descriptions

Want your products to sell like hot cakes online? The right tone and the right words can help you sell better. Your online store product description is your sales pitch and you must get it right. This chapter is a guide to writing the perfect product description when selling online.

Chapter 9. Online Store on Instamojo

If you need a website that you want to make your own, try building your own online store on Instamojo. It has all the features of a website, including a payments processor, SEO-optimized URLs, shopping cart and various other tools that can give your customer a smooth shopping experience. All that and more, for FREE!

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