Digital Marketing Guide for Beginners

Having an online presence is a must for every business today. Not only does it enhance your brand name but also opens up channels of customer acquisition through the internet. This is a simple guide to get you started with Digital Marketing.

Chapter 1. Digital Marketing for SMEs

Are you a small business looking to understand and decode the mysteries of Digital Marketing? It’s not rocket science! As India switches to a more tech-savvy mode, here is why you should explore Digital Marketing for SMEs.

Chapter 2. Getting Started With a Website

Hello future entrepreneur! Have you been thinking of getting your own website? You know what you want to do but don’t know how to go about it? Here’s where you should start – create an online store/website business plan.

Chapter 3. Content Marketing Strategy 101

Creating a good piece of content is like whipping up an exotic dish that could either go in the dustbin or become a world famous recipe like KFC! Here is a basic guide to content marketing to help your small business grow online.

Chapter 4. Blog to Boost Sales

Have you been wanting to start a blog? Already have a blog but are looking for ways to boost sales with your blog? Here is a quick guide on how to use one to increase your sales.

Chapter 5. Social Media Bandwagon

For any business, being at the right place at the right time is important. You’ve got to be where the action is – social media! Here is a handy guide to social media timing – when to post on social media.

Chapter 6. Advertising on Social Media

Want more people to know about your small business? Go where the action is – social media! Here is a simple, step-by-step guide to running successful and effective adverts on two of the most popular social media platforms in the world - Facebook and Twitter.

Chapter 7. Mastering the Art of Google Tools

Google is a lot more than just a search engine. There are a whole bunch of Google tools that your online business can use (for free) and help more people discover you.

Chapter 8. Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines rule! Won’t you say? This is triple blockbuster chapter that gives you insights about how to deal with SEO for blogs, website and images.

Chapter 9. Email Marketing for Beginners

Crafting emails is a work of art. So much goes into a good email! This is your ultimate guide to how email marketing works and what you, as a small business, can do to take advantage of this underappreciated platform – email.

Chapter 10. A Powerful Platform for Marketing Experiments

Did you know you could use Instamojo to conduct marketing experiments? This chapter gives you a bird’s eye view of how you can use Instamojo to learn more and do more.

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