The Gist of Goods & Services Tax (GST)

India is undergoing its biggest tax overhaul - a complex, detailed reform to simplify indirect taxation in the country. Here is a simple introductory guide on getting you started with the Goods and Services Tax.

Disclaimer: Information in this guide is intended only to provide a general overview and is not intended to be treated as legal advice. Please consult a tax expert to get a better understanding of the GST Laws.

Chapter 1. Hello, Goods and Services Tax!

What is the GST? How will it change the game for anyone that is selling a product or a service in the country? This chapter will give you an overview of what the GST is and how it will work for small businesses. There is a bonus video explainer too!

Chapter 2. Who Should Enroll for GST

Would your small business require a GST registration? This chapter will give you insights into who should enroll for GST and the general tax slabs set by the government under the new tax regime.

Chapter 3. How To Enroll for GST

Wondering how to get yourself registered for the Goods and Services Tax? Here is a step-by-step guide to get your business registered for GST. If you are an Instamojo merchant you can start the registration process with our GST partner: LegalRaasta.

Chapter 4. How To File Taxes Under GST

Under the new tax regime, a small business will have to file taxes at least three times in a month using different forms. This chapter sheds light on how businesses will file taxes and what forms they will need to file returns.

Chapter 5. TCS and HSN/SAC Codes in GST

Several new laws have been made to make the GST a comprehensive tax system. One such clause is TCS – Tax Collected at Source. If you are selling online, you definitely need to know about TCS and its two allies - HSN/SAC codes. All about that and more in this chapter.

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