Business English Guidebook

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The purpose of Business English Guidebook is to quickly familiarize you with the jargon and power words that are popular in the business world. Every field in the world has its own jargon – Cricketers talk about sportsman spirit, middle-order, fire (as in “Ponting did not fire today”) etc., politicians talk about bipartisanship, vote-bank, defection, voice of conscience etc.

Similarly, the business world has its own jargon. These are words that are used most often in conversations, interviews, meetings, business articles, e-mails, circulars, annual reports etc. As of now, as you are new in this field – your business vocabulary is limited and your command over English language could also do with some improvement.

This is exactly what the Business English Guidebook does

 It helps you improve your English without learning grammar

 It helps you learn the jargon and words of the business world

Through a powerful technique, which you would have never heard of before – you can improve your grammar, sentence construction, vocabulary, writing style, articulation – without learning grammar. It is stupid to think that learning grammar will increase our capability in English. We speak fluently in our mother-tongue, without knowing the grammar. This technique is one of the ways you can learn to think in English – just like you think in your mother-tongue.

You also learn Power Words, words that are important in the corporate world and used very often. Learning the Power Words increases your ability to express yourself and deal with situations not only in your interview or GD, but also once you join the company.