Career Kit Guidebook

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Career Kit Guidebook is a workbook that will help you go through The Career Kit. The guidebook is meant to be used along with the CDs of the Kit The best way to use the Guide books is to have it open while using the CDs and make notes and do the exercises. There is space provided at the end of each chapter to capture the major learnings through E-Seminar and/or Power Sessions. Each chapter has two primary objectives - to remind you of what is most important about the topic and/or give you exercises which will give you better understanding of the topics. This guidebook is about practicing and implementing the skills that you learn while using The Career Kit. Use this guidebook to take notes, to follow the lesson plan and to do the exercises to enhance your understanding.

Through the guidebook:

 You will do exercises which will help you refine your skills and increase your self-awareness

 You will ensure your preparation for the job search and a successful career is complete

 You will have all your notes, thoughts and details in one place