Group Discussion Power Pack CD

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An increasingly popular form of selection that companies use is Group Discussion. GDs make things easier for organizations because they can just use GDs as an elimination round to decide whom to interview. This means, that often – those who are rejected in GDs, do not even get interviewed. Most candidates find GDs scary and terrifying, however, GDs are easy to crack and the purpose of this CD is to help you get selected in the Group Discussion round of the process.

It is extremely important to write a good and powerful Covering Letter, which gets your CV opened and read.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On this CD ROM

When do you start the Group Discussion and how to do it?
 What a group discussion is not??
How to play the right role at the right time during the Group Discussion?
  How to overcome nervousness during a group discussion?
How to get a chance to speak in a fish-market group discussion?
 How to deal with people who are interrupting when you are trying to speak?
How to make sure you get noticed and selected?
What are you being measured on in a group discussion and how to give the evaluators what they want?
Common mistakes candidates make in a group discussion and how to avoid them?
 How to prepare for a Group Discussion?
How to summarize a group discussion?
And much more...