Persuasive Resume Power Pack CD

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Most of us believe that the interview is the hardest part of getting a job. Wrong. The hardest part of getting a job is getting the ‘interview call’.

And it is your Resume that gets you the interview call. In fact, your first ever interaction with the recruiter is through your covering letter and your resume. It is extremely important to get this right or your phone will never ring. With these 2 CDs, you will understand how exactly you can create a CV that will get you results and interview calls. (Then, of course, your phone will ring!)

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On these two CDs

How are CVs read by recruiters and how you can make sure they pay attention?
How to write an objective which will impress the recruiter into taking you seriously?
What sections to include in your CV? Where should they appear?
What information to include in your CV and what information to leave out?
The four biggest mistakes made by a candidate that guarantees rejection and how to avoid it?
How to write whatever you did so that it sounds impressive and powerful?
How to ensure that you are able to meet the exact requirements of the recruiter through your CV?
And much more...