Positive Body Language Power Session CD

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Do you know that the interviewer form an impression about you in the first four seconds of meeting you? Even before you have spoken a single word! Your Body Language is extremely important when it comes to not only searching for a job but also succeeding in your career. Have you noticed how some people ‘look’ confident – even without speaking?

Isn’t it true that you do not always judge people only on the basis of what they say – but how they say it – their facial expressions, their body orientation, their hand gestures, their way of standing?

It is a well known fact, that communication is made up of three components.

What you speak: The words you use is only 7% of communication

How you speak: The tone, volume, pitch is 38% of communication

Your body: Your body language – your hands, your eyes, your gestures is 55% of any communication

Of course, in a job search – what you need to do is communicate to the recruiter that you are indeed fit for the job. And 55% of that is happening through your body language during the interview.

Which is why, we have a separate CD on Body Language. It contains of a Video Session delivered by our Expert. In this video session – you learn

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On this CD ROM

How you can communicate a powerful first impression?
What are the biggest unconscious body language mistakes you might be making?
How to communicate power and self confidence during a meeting?
How to communicate understanding and friendship during a meeting?
What to do in the first four seconds of the interview?
Simple strategies of Body Language that will have very powerful results in any communication.
And much more...