Powerful Covering Letter Power Pack

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Even before the recruiter sees your CV,he or she sees your covering letter. If the covering letter does not make a positive impression or convince the recruiter that you are an interesting candidate – your CV might not even be opened. The recruiter might hit the delete button on his e-mail merely by reading the Covering Letter.

Covering Letter is the first time you get in touch with the recruiter officially. And most covering letters are read because the recruiter tries to judge you through your covering letter, without opening the CV – to save time.

A fantastic candidate hidden behind a lousy covering letter will probably never get the chance to attend an interview

It is extremely important to write a good and powerful Covering Letter, which gets your CV opened and read.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On this CD ROM

How to write a covering letter that is read?
The three crucial elements of the Covering Letter and how most candidates make a mistake here?
Why the covering letter is much more than “Here is my CV attached”?
How to match your abilities and qualifications to the requirements of the recruiter?
How to sell yourself in the Covering Letter?
 The biggest mistakes made in Covering Letters and how to avoid them?
And much more...