Self Confidence Power Session CD

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The biggest enemy that most job aspirants have is not a weak economy, tough competition or weak qualifications… the biggest enemy that stops you from having a successful career is : Fear.

It is fear that defeats us, not the Interview.

Imagine two candidates – Ram and Shyam. Both are equally talented, same profiles, same qualifications. Yet – Ram is confident and Shyam is not confident. Who do you think has a better chance of succeeding in an interview or even in career and life?

Obviously – confidence increases our chance of success. However, Confidence is not something inborn. Every person who seems confident today, had to work at it and become confident.

We are not born confident. We become confident.

In this power session with our expert – we learn how to create instant confidence in our mind and body – so that we have confidence when it matters the most – whether before an interview, or a group discussion or even a meeting or a presentation.

The specific and powerful techniques shared by our trainer here are strategies that will help you create confidence when you want it!

This is such a valuable session that we are thinking of selling it as a separate product.

Here's Some Tricks & Techniques You'll Learn On this CD ROM

How one simple change can create a powerful change in your feelings ?
How to start feeling confident in two to three minutes?
How to defeat the negative voice inside your mind?
How to have a positive conversation with yourself and increase your self confidence?
How to make nervousness and anxiety go away?
How can you communicate confidence that you feel?
How to use the power of imagination to create unstoppable success?
How to tap into the power of mental rehearsals?
How to create huge amounts of confidence quickly by using the ‘Mental Movie Technique’
And much more...