Help Us End Hunger - Support our Hunger Action Efforts (You can change the Amount)

Min ₹ 1,050

Thank you for your support to our hunger action initiatives. With generous donations from our supporters such as you, many families who were on the brink have been able to overcome distress and rebuild their lives. Our efforts during slow onset and rapid disaster situations have helped children continue their education and learn skills that will help them overcome hunger and poverty in a sustainable manner.

Between 2015 and 2020, our programs have nourished 2.1 million lives through 1) provision of 20+ million healthy and micro-nutrient rich meals; 2) safety net and healthcare services including mobile medical vans for doorstep support to remote rural families in Bihar and AP; 3) agriculture, income generation, livelihoods and goat farming projects in Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Bihar and Odisha and 4) disaster relief measures in 18 States including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, Odisha, Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu.

Nearly 65% of our healthy, nutritious meals support children's feeding programs ensuring their school completion. The cost for feeding one child per month is around 1200 Rupees. We add contributions from donors to pool resources to provide meals to children. As of now, around 15,000 children and adults are given our meals on a regular basis.

We work with communities to help them achieve sustainable food security. Towards this, under our SAMBAL initiative, projects on agriculture, livestock, food production & processing, market facilitation have been undertaken in several hunger hotspots in the country. As COVID-19 has impacted large sections of the population pushing them to the state of hunger and poverty, we are accelerating our programs to build resilience among most impacted communities.