Rise Against Hunger India Covid-19 Response (you can change the amount)

Min ₹ 1,050

While the first wave of COVID-19 outbreak in India and related events between March and October created unspeakable economic distress among the lowest strata of the society, the second wave in recent weeks has wreaked havoc across the country. Reports of patients not getting beds, oxygen, medicines and even a decent burial/cremation are all over. There are also reports of households selling off all their assets and possessions to meet the health and emergency needs of their near and dear ones. Even those who were with stable and secure income source are now affected.

To attend to patients and provide care, family members are spending hours and days together in front of hospitals. Also, in crematoriums and burial grounds, long lines are seen to complete the last rites of bodies. Essential staff in vaccination centres, hospitals, burial grounds and crematoria are fully stretched to their limit. This is a unique emergency.

During the first wave, Rise Against Hunger India organized over 3.3 million meals for marginalized groups comprising of daily wage workers, construction workers, contract laborers, street vendors etc.

During this second wave, we have launched quick response to provide some relief to those impacted by COVID-19. Here is how we are responding to the current wave:
1. Provision of meals and essential ration & nutrition kits to vulnerable groups who have lost wage or work during the lockdown or due to health reasons
2. Provide ready-to-eat food kits or cooked meals to homeless groups and to the staff/volunteers, essential workers, attendants at hospitals, COVID care centres, crematoria and burial grounds
3. Procurement and distribution of masks, sanitizers and emergency health kits for few healthcare facilities with whom we are already working
4. Supply of masks, sanitizers and hygiene kits; promotion of health behavior among local communities – with at least 10 field partners in different locations.
We are expecting the current wave to ease by July/August (hopefully). So in the next four months, we have planned to support over 350,000 people through all these efforts.

Your generous donation will go a big way in serving those severely impacted by this emergency!