SEO SmackDown eBook

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SEO SmackDown is a comprehensive ebook that contains step by step techniques one should need to learn to master SEO in 2020 and beyond.

This ebook contains theory & practical aspects one should know & implement to make their websites and blog posts rank higher in Search Engines.

All the techniques used in this book have been tried & tested on my websites as well as on my clients who have testimonied that they've benefited incredibly!

Now, whether you are a newbie or someone who already has some experience in this vast field of SEO, this ebook will open up a new perspective to tackle SEO in your daily life and guide you on how to upscale your business!

Some people think SEO is boring! Well, you need to check out this book to burst your myth!

This book outlines a brief history of SEO, aligned with my personal humor stories of how I became a passionate SEO practitioner.

For your reference, I have put all real results as screenshots to make a few complicated topics easy to understand with a new learning experience.

I hope to see you on the other side! 😊