RBI Grade B Phase 1 General Awareness Course 2024

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Every year, In RBI Grade B Phase 1 GA section, More than 80% questions come from our Phase 1 GA Material. It is a proven fact.
Our course will save your precious time, as our material is very concise and relevant as per RBI Grade B paper. It is one stop solution for GA, You don't need to refer anything else.
You might find plethora of material online for free, but believe us that would waste your time, We bring to you only RBI Specific contents. So Prepare with us and read our files and get guaranteed success.

This course would put you ahead from other aspirants as our notes and questions would not only help in scoring high in phase 1 GA paper, it will also help in mains and interview.

We have done a rigorous research on past year papers and We regularly appear in exam, that's how we have compiled the material and questions. We provide all probable Questions on a topic. We guarantee GA would be a cakewalk for you in the exam.

If you are serious for RBI Grade B exam then you have come to the right place. As gk is very high scoring section, With the help of this course, You become very less dependent on other sections

Highlights of this course:

(1) 25 RBI Phase 1 Topic wise GA Tests

(2) 1000 selected MCQ questions as per latest paper pattern of the exam with explanatory answers on economy,finance ,RBI, banking, current affairs, national and international affairs, Awards, books and authors, sports and government schemes and latest appointments, UNO, international organizations, various committees etc !!

(3) 500 Static GK Questions on Banking, finance, economics, geography etc

(4) Notes
- Monthly current affairs of past 12 months.
- Economy and finance based GK
- RBI GK, RBI Bulletins,
-Latest Economic survey and Union budget
- Banking Affairs,
- World organizations and latest rankings of India
- Latest summits,
- Government schemes,
- various committees formed by RBI and central governments,
- Latest important appointments,
- Awards, books and authors and major sports events,
- Census 2011 and current social issues
- Static GK Notes on United nations and other world organizations, Notes on banking structure, important days of year, important abbreviations, Capital currency, important National parks and world heritage sites, Airports list, etc

5) Dedicated Whatsapp group for daily updates, short notes & MCQs

Total Content-: 30 PDFs (PDFs are concise and each PDF has 10-20 Pages only) + Topic wise and other notes given on site

Enrollment strength:-
Course subscribers for 2019 - 455
Course subscribers for 2020- 611
Course subscribers for 2021- 859
Course Subscribers for 2022: 950
Course Subscribers for 2023: 945
Course Subscribers for 2024: Live

Contact details:

if you have any query,
Drop a mail to - "<suryansh23@gmail.com>" or ping me at "8799234169"
Our Facebook page:- https://www.facebook.com/GKmojo/
Our website:- https://gkmojo.com/


Enroll for 2024 RBI Grade B exam now, You will receive Material through mail.
You will get access on site for GA Tests. You get added to whatsapp group for daily updates, short notes.

We have ESI And FM courses for phase 2 exam.

Here is the link for ESI- imojo.in/ESI
Here is the link for FM - imojo.in/FM

Testimonials from past students:

Iha Jain : Sir I attempted 68 questions in GA. Because of weak quant, Your GA Material is life saver for me. I could answer that much questions bcz of ur material. thank you so much :)

Megha: Thank you gkmojo sir, Kal ke sirf ek revision document se aaj 8 gk questions aye hai general awareness section mein!!

Prasad : Many questions were repeated from your material. thank you so much sir attempted 58 right Questions.

Dhruv rawal: ur material really helped . thanx alot. 52 ga right!!

Kadirgodil: lot of questions from your material, thanx!!

prateek gupta: Sir your material is upto date and we can find in paper were max ques from that. im happy with ur material..fully satisfied.

Soumajyoti Kar : thanks, guys. my exam went relatively well. U guys r great.

Rishabh Sinha: I cleared the rbi grade b thanks to your material. Thank youu.
(RBI Grade B selected student 2017)

Shefali Agrawal : Sir, cleared RBI Grade b exam. thanku thanku. Thanks alot for material.
keep up the gud work sir ( RBI Grade b 2017 selected student)

sunny dona: ‎Hi,
Phase 1, 1st slot for me. It went well.
133 was my attempts.
Thank you for the material. It was very helpful. I nailed GA bcz of U.
I was not able to attend my Phase2 last year, as joining Canara bank and the exam were on the same day.
I feel the toughness in the phase2 last year will continue this year too.
I want to score more, I need guidance to ‎crack phase2 on a higher note. If you really pullout time today, kindly guide me.

Pooja Sharma: Hello sir, Yesterday's rbi exam was good. Thank you for all your material it helped me to solve 59 Q in GA . I attempted 120 questions.

Harman Mann: Hello sir, Hats-off to you. Almost every question in RBI grade B 2017 phase I GK section is from your data. Attempted 59 with high accuracy. You are doing very good job for aspirants like me. Thanks.

Sabyasachi Ray: Ur notes on GA for RBI GRADE B were very helpful. i found around 53 questions directly. (RBI 2017)

Swetha K: Hi sir yesterday done with RBI grade B phase 1 ur material was awesome thank u sooo much I studied only ur material for general awareness section but as quant was tough I m worried abt clearing phase 1.

Upendra Singh: I just want to share with you that I scored 56.25 in GA section of RBI prelims 2016 and this was possible only due to well crafted GS modules prepared by you. I missed cutoff by six marks in one of the sections in spite of clearing overall cutoff.
I thank you for the continuous support and guidance. Keep up the good work.

Priyanka Shanthi: I really thank u for providing such a great material...I have attended 138 qns overall...For the very first time i have attended general awareness more than i have expected..total 60 questions. For none of the exams i have attended general awareness to this level..Tqsm sir..Keep up the good work...Happy to be a part of urgkbuddy!!

Aishwarya Raamnath: the PDF files were of great help. Attempted almost 50+ questions.
Thanks a lot. Looking forward to more such helpful study materials.

Naveen Yavvari: I must say thanks for your material. It was too good and most of the questions were covered in your material.For general awareness, it was a good attempt from my side but I have doubt in quant and reasoning. Based on the result I will opt for phase 2 material.

harishreddy manda: your material has helped a lot. I am a civil service aspirant. So i was good at conceptual understanding but not of facts and banking related questions which I got from your material. I think I had easily answered 15 extra questions just because of your material.

Benish Sherwani: I solved 54 correct questions which i found from your pdf's. it was good overall. Still not sure about the result coz of the less attempts in quant (9 nly).ll purchase phase 2 after result declaration.

Prashant Kamat: Dear Sir, I am able to attempt 60+ in GK... The other sections were tough. thanks for ur help and guidance.

Caroline steffi: I am very weak in GA section and your materials helped me a lot in
this RBI Grade B exam. I attempt 55+ questions in that section which
was really surprising for me. Thank You so much sir

Hardik Mehta: Awesome Notes, Cleared both rounds of Grade B exam, found many questions in phase 2 ESI paper from these notes, thanks a ton sir.

Bala sahab Reddy:Just read ur notes 2 days before the exams. scored 39 marks.

Vinay choudhary : Sir I had enrolled for your Gen awareness course for Phase-I.
I did clear the Phase-I (Total 112, and GA-47.5). Ur Material is the only source I followed.
Keep up the great work sir!!

Ramu SPS: Sir, superb notes, kudos to ur efforts!! Scored 60.75 marks in GA. busy with phase 2 prep now.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. Is there any other medium of payment like direct paytm or google pay transfer?
Answer: Yes, Many students do that. You can ping us on these numbers 8799234169 / 9625199032.

1) Why we should join this course?, when there is so much free material available on internet or apps?
Answer: There are many reasons for joining our course:
A. What you read on internet or apps, may not be relevant to your exam. So you waste your time by reading garbage and end up getting very less marks in exam. We provide you only relevant data. Our content is according to exam pattern only. so you only read what asked in your exam. So we save your previous time and enhances your chances of getting selected.
B. Our content is concise, you only read our picked up points. While all gk books and other mediums are bulky and generic. Even our current affairs files are different for different exams because we cover only relevant stuff for a particular exam.
C. We add you to whatsapp group where we are with you 24*7 till your exam or may be till later for further assistance. We schedule and plan what to read, we take regular tests to check your progress. We tell you tricks to memorize stuff. We explain gk stuffs to you. We optimize your time.

3. What if I dont use whatsapp?
Answer: No worries, As You also get everything by mail. Whatever we share on whatsapp is present in content that we mail you. All Modules, MCQs and Site access will be mailed to you.

4. After payment, How much time it takes to add in whatsapp group or send material by mail?
Answer: Usually It takes 5-10 minutes. but If it takes little more than that then no worries, it will be done.