Online RTI Drafting by RTIwala


Everday we've been receiving 100s queries of partial information, late reply and sometimes no reply at all. So, we the RTIwala team come up with paid RTI Drafting Services. Our team of lawyers will draft an RTI application based on all the necessary sections, RTI Rule 2012 and recent judgments of CIC at a very affordable price.

Some FAQs

Q. Why are you taking RTI drafting fee?

A. This is what a skilled CA, highly educated Doctor or learned lawyer does.

Q. Why should I seek your services?

A. Because of following three reasons:

  1. It's fast, reliable and very affordable for you.

  2. Through our professional services, the possibility of getting information is highest.

  3. Therefore, it'll save your time, money and efforts in exercising your Right to Information.

Q. So how much time you'll take to file/draft my RTI application?
A. We usually collate the data, process, draft, file and share the tracking details your RTI application within 48 hours of receiving the payment. Sometimes due to the extra details from the client, high workload or holidays, it's extended to 72 hours.

Q. Will I get support after payment?
A. Of course, customer satisfaction is our ought most priority.

Q. I've some more queries?
A. We're here to help you; please reach us on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp for any support!