Support TAD, the free space based BIM

Min 1,000

TAD (The Architect's Desktop) is now available free !

It would be nice if you can contribute some amount into this project using the above link. ₹ 1000.00 is approx $15.00 USD

It is a very easy, space based BIM (Building Information Modeler) software for architects all over the world.

Getting your own copy of TAD is as easy as getting a free registration at a chatting system for TAD here and then follow the instructions here: , to download and install your free copy.

Quite a lot of documentation is here

Currently, the freeware (non-open source) version of TAD is the 6.x series. Simultaneously, the 7.x versions of TAD is also being started using new code that works inside browsers, using the open-source development route. And of course, that too would be free.

Read this appeal from the author, Sabu Francis:

Note: International donors cannot currently use this payment system. Please write to and we'll supply the bank transfer details