SIEMENS Transformer Protection Relay Testing with Quick CMC

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Transformers are valuable equipment which make a major contribution to the supply security of a power system. Optimum design of the transformer protection ensures that any faults that may occur are cleared quickly and possible consequential damage is minimized. Following Protection functions can be used to protect Transformers.

ANSI 87T – Differential protection
ANSI 87N – Earth-fault differential protection
ANSI 50/51 – Definite-time overcurrent-time protection as backup
ANSI 67 – Directional Overcurrent
ANSI 49 – Thermal overload protection
ANSI 46 – Load unbalance protection (negative-sequence protection)
ANSI 24 – Overexcitation protection
This test procedure shows how to test SIEMENS transformer relay with OMICRON Quick CMC module