⏰ [6 Seats Left] 5 Day Mental Maths Training For 5 to 13 Years + Daily Game [Mon to Fri] + Friday Online Masterclass With Parents

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  • 15th Aug to 19th Aug
  • Mon to Fri - 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm

How would it be if your 5 to 13 year old calculates mentally? 🤔

With no dependency on fingers, tools or any calculator.

In my 10 years of experience, what I see it can't be better than Falling in Love With Numbers. 🔢

Why make the child calculate on fingers when you can train them to calculate MENTALLY right from DAY 1? 😵

Let's do it together. 😍

How does a 5 Day Mental Math Class work? 👍

✔️ 5 LIVE Sessions on 5 Mental Math Techniques From Mon to Fri, 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm
✔️ 5 Practice Worksheets from Mon to Fri
✔️ Zoom LINK shared at 2 pm
✔️ Daily Games on Kahoot (To be done independently - Game Pin will be shared)
✔️ LIVE Friday MASTERCLASS With Parents at 7 pm

  • 3 Math Secrets Unfolded 👇 -

SECRET #1: Top 10 Challenges your children are facing in Math that can prove to be dangerous to your child's success.

SECRET #2: 5 Math Myths that parents have and how can we use our 3 Step Full-proof Strategy to make your child score a 95+ in Math, guaranteed to take your child a level up.

SECRET #3: 3 Step Fool Proof Strategy proven to give real-time results.

Does this sound exciting? 🤩

If YES, what are you waiting for? ⌚❓

Let's accept our traditional education system yet trains us to calculate on fingers, a 9 + 6 is taught 9 in the mind and 6 on your fingers? ☹️

What would a 99 + 6 or for that matter 69 + 49, 89 - 23, 50 - 28 MENTALLY do to your child? 😮

You want your children to learn tables with tricks or ROTE LEARN 😮

And yes we take it STEP BY STEP in the 5 Day Mental Math Training.

Let's explore a new world of Math

You are a parent and you know it all what is best for your child. 😊

I truly believe in order to make your child fall in LOVE ❤️ with MATH, you got to make your child fall in LOVE ❤️ with NUMBERS.

And it can't be a BETTER AGE than this to KICKSTART NOW rather doing it later when it becomes a HABIT and REGRET LATER. 🤩

Makes sense, so go ahead and REGISTER right now and experience it for yourself. 🙌🏻

I see you on the other side. 😊

🔥 Note: The Price of INR 99/- is only for the first 100 registrants. ⏰

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