Concept Clarity on Word Problems - 8 to 9 Years Old

₹ 1,999

Addition or Subtraction 🤔

  • OR -

Is it a combination of both? 🙃

I am not sure if it is multiplication 🤨

Mom can you help me please 🆘

Oh, it could be division as well 🙃

Ok, I get it multiply first and divide later 😇

Mom, I am just fed up I don't know what to do 🙄

There is a Math test due next week and you as a parent are simply glaring out of the window hoping some MATH MIRACLE 🙌 will take place and your child will be able to solve the jigsaw puzzle

  • Math Magic Wand -

What if I tell you 📢

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What else can you ask for, we have given it all…

If you are still thinking 🤔 and do NOT wish to OVERTHINK coz you know small worries NOW become a MATH PHOBIA LATER and ends up in your child LOSING INTEREST


Right Things at The Right Time Give The Right Results

I Bet You Will Not Regret 😊

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