Ignite The Genius Within [Life Coaching For Kids]

₹ 3,000

What do you want for your child? 🤔

🎯 All Round Personality
🎯 Winning Mindset
🎯 Problem Solving Attitude
🎯 Confident Communicator
🎯 Effective Time Management

And most important the most ignored area of LIFE? 💡

Strategic Planning 📅
Goal Setting 🎯

Have you ever wondered what is one common characteristic of successful people? 🤔

It is clarity, to be precise INSANE CLARITY 💡

All of us want our children to be successful but are we taking any steps in that direction? 🧭

Or simply running in the RAT RACE of school, tuitions and day to day mundane activities without actually taking the time to PAUSE, REFLECT and REVIEW?

Do you RESONATE with me? 💡

✔️ Ditch The Overwhelm
✔️ Develop a Winning Mindset
✔️ Start With The End in Mind
✔️ Productivity Hacks Get The Most Done in The Least Amount of Time
✔️ Set Goals And Steps to Achieve Them
✔️ How to be Your Best Version
✔️ Experience Insane Clarity like never before

Are you READY for your child to have a VISION and be FUTURE READY? ⏱️

The clock is TICKING, are you joining me?

Monthly Subscription @ 2000 [12 Months Mental Makeover]