Mastering Multiplication Tables (11 to 99)

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Can Your Child Calculate 92 x 93, 106 x 107, 18 x 7 Mentally?

Without Using a Pen and Paper, Without Using a Calculator?

Is Memorizing Tables a Nightmare?

Don’t fret, my mission is to download my entire knowledge of mental calculations to you!

Sounds crazy 😮

👉 Let’s accept...

Our school education system focuses way too much on rote learning rather than techniques that make the mind work smarter and accelerate mental learning.

We are living in the digital age, why not upgrade our minds to work smarter and not harder? 🤚 🤚 🤚

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Ideal For Children Age: 8+

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➡Simple yet effective techniques that help you get answers on the spot, tables to 99 mentally

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👉Practice Worksheets With Solutions For Every Technique
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The Best Way to Learn 🤲 and Master is to Start With One Video and Solve The Worksheets Below To Gain Maximum Clarity and Confidence.

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  • 30 Day Challenge

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