Mental Math Genius (Exclusively For Grade 1)

₹ 7,500


Mastering 2 Operators - Addition & Subtraction (Mentally)

  1. Mastering Addition - Single Digit + Single Digit
  2. Mastering Addition - Double Digits + Double Digits
  3. Mastering Subtraction - Single Digit - Single Digit
  4. Mastering Subtraction - Double Digits - Double Digits
  5. Concept of Carry Over With Patterns
  6. Concept of Borrow With Patterns
  7. 30 Day Program - Micro Videos Less than 10 minutes with Test Series of 20 sums each day


  1. Parenting Guide to Academic Excellence
  2. 2 Sessions (121) of 30 Minutes on appointment
  3. Bonus Videos
  4. 10 Application-Based Worksheets (Extremely Useful For Competitive Exams)

To ensure more practice: (In the pipeline)

  1. 5 Day Test Series
  2. 30 Day Challenge Worksheets (20 Sums a Day, 600 Sums a Month)
  3. 15 Day Challenge Worksheets (Only Focusing on 2 Digit Additions & Subtractions With The Various Techniques Taught)


  1. Missing Addend
  2. Missing Minuend
  3. Missing Subtrahend
  4. Adding / Subtracting Multiples of 10
  5. Subtracting Across Zeroes
  6. Place Value Concepts
  7. Number Patterns
  8. Comprehending Word Problems


Start Calculating Mentally Right From Day 1
Blessing in Competitive Exams - IPM, Olympiad, Ignited Mind, Global Math
Build The Visual Memory
Helps in Daily Life
Helps to Cross-Check Answers in School
Increases Speed & Accuracy
Builds in The Confidence in The Child
Sets The Base Strong
Makes The Child Fall in Love With Math

Self-Paced Online Course
Solutions All Inclusive

You can watch the videos and solve worksheets at your convenient time, 1 video a day, 1 worksheet a day consistently for 30 days and you experience a 360-degree transformation.

You will be granted immediate access to the program on payment.

For a child who is 5 or 6 years old, we focus on making them Fall in Love With Math and Count Mentally and Not on Fingers, that is our objective behind the program.

How different it is from Abacus and other programs available in the market?
We believe in practical application and making the child ready for competitive exams right from Grade 1 to build in the necessary speed, accuracy and study discipline that sets them up for later years. After having worked with more than 10,000 kids in the online and offline space this program is based on our years of experience and in sync with what is the need of the hour to create a lifelong interest in Math and not for a particular exam.

Turn Your Child into a Human Calculator