BOOK : “ Become Rich with Jaggery Business ” 10 Secrets to become successful in Jaggery Business

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If sugar cane is grown in your village in ample quantity , and if you wish to enter into jaggery business , or if you are already into jaggery business but you are facing problems of skilled manpower and also facing problem in selling your jaggery , or if you are educated and unemployed and wish to learn nitty gritty of Jaggery Business, or if you are doing research in Jaggery field and if your goal is develop new technologies and take jaggery industry to new height . If answer to any of above situation is YES then this book is for you.
It contains detailed information on following topics -
1. Opportunities in Jaggery Business
2. Busting Myths about Jaggery Business
3. Secret of Failure - What not to do in Jaggery Business
4. Importance of Soil Testing
5. Sugarcane Varieties for Jaggery Making
6.Guidelines for cutting and transportation of Sugarcane
7. Technology – Is crucial in deciding profit or loss of organisation.
8. Products - How to make problem solving products
9. Manpower - How to hire and how to retain
10. Branding , Marketing and Sales - How to do sale ? Why sale fail ?
11. Avoid these 10 mistakes
12. Case Study - Success story of Jaggery Brand