Jaggery : Jagwonder TM 1KG * 4 Nos = 4 KG Box , in 5 gram cube form

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₹ 1,000

Jagwonder TM is Nartural Jaggery in purest form.

Sugar cane is washed before crushing , so its 100% veg Jaggery , in case of Regular Jaggery , Suggar cane is not washed and jaggery contains blood of insects , so Regular Jaggery is Nonveg Jaggery

Actual Weight is 1000 grams , in case of regular Jaggery it is 900 grams .

Tea wont curdle with Jagwonder TM , in case of regular Jaggery Tea will curdle

Jagwonder cube weight is 5 grams so no need to break Jaggery before using , in case of Regular Jaggery , Jaggery is in lump form , needs to be broken before using , wastage of jaggery during breaking and its boring work.

Warranty – 1 year if stored in cold , dry and hygienic condition , in case of Regular Jaggery it is just 6 months

So choice is simple , buy Jagwonder TM Now before stock last.