महकते फूल, pustak mein lalit gyaanavardhak , shikshaaprad aur prerak unnees (19) nibandhon ka sankalan hai .

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    Mahkate Phul', the collector's word is compiled by Shchichotelel Baba's nineteen elite essays. All of these essays are very knowledgeable, instructive and inspiring. Their language is very transmuted, poetic and emotional. The authors have tried to make their pointers clear through stories and parables in these thoughtful essays. Reading the essay does not bother you. The student-friendly things are also full of them; Students can build their lives on their teachings. Some of the essays of this compilation have been published in different digits of Gangotri - a magazine called 'Gangotri' published by the General Assembly and in some Maharishi, in the scores of 'Peace-Message' monthly magazine to be published from Ashram, Kupaghat, Bhagalpur.