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Broccoli Microgreens Have Tremendous Superfood Benefits and Growing Them is Easy as Child's Play!

Most microgreen home growers operate in the dark when it comes to growing the exotic types such as Broccoli microgreens. They have superfood benefits and are definitely as easy as child’s play. I mean, way easier to grow than you think!

If you are like most growers, you guess at and ballpark of how much you will be growing. After all, too much seed sowing may not result in a harvest. That usually means taking a look at other exotic microgreens you are growing to try to slightly undercut them on volume. Cost analysis? That’s usually a panic move that results in reduced seeds sowing, which leads to smaller harvest and jeopardizing your optimum health benefits from growing Broccoli and other exotics microgreens in the 1st place.

It’s time to shed some light on the mysterious and elusive topic of volume growing for exotic and pricey microgreens. Here are a few things you should know:

Required Knowledge:

Making your growing choices compete on price can be hazardous to the future of your wellness. Especially when it comes to the king of superfood microgreens. Because those who shop by just price of seeds only are all going to grow the so so types… which leaves you out in the cold.

If you have decided to grow your own broccoli microgreens, you must reinvent your mindset. Because you are in a very select few people on the planet doing this for yourself and your family. Maybe your want your health and longevity to be uncompromising and second to none. Just playing the wounded duck because you have no other option is not an excuse.

Don’t worry about so called “what ever other grower is doing” . Most growers take a look at what their neighbors and friends are growing and will take their advice. Moreover blindly follow suit. They make note of the varieties, the low price to get those seeds, and end up setting their trays in a mediocre fashion. As unscientific as it may sound, this is the way most home growers operate. However this was not their intention from the start. Uggh!

Master’s Level Savvy Nutrition Facts

It is a heavy weight in this family as far as the health benefits are concerned. It’s best to grow
them in the cooler months especially in the subcontinent where it’s hot virtually all year round. The mature counterpart has long been hailed as a superfood and so it is obvious that the microgreens are also power packed with nutrition (in fact, more so).

How Are They Good For You?

Protective Enzymes: If you do your research you will find citations of studies at JohnHopkins University show that a daily portion will elevate the body’s protective enzymes.But there is a whole lot more goodness from where that came from.
Cancer Prevention: Broccoli micros are high in minerals such as iron, vitamins A and C and, like Radish and Mustard, contains sulphoraphene which is linked to cancer prevention. This biochemical is also characteristic of the slightly bitter taste of broccoli.
Hair Growth & Weight Loss: A glowing complexion with a strong head of hair, vitality
and weight loss are also some of the benefits.
Bone Health: Just one cup of chopped broccoli provides 92 micrograms of vitamin K, well over 100 percent of your daily need; an adequate amount of vitamin K improves bone health by improving calcium absorption and reducing urinary excretion of calcium.
Gut Health: Today as we explore the importance of a healthy gut biome, feeding the microbes with natural pre-biotic fibers is key and broccoli microgreens provide that fibre rich base.

There is a whole dedicated section on nutrition benefits of exotic microgreens in my 1st book Microgreen Health Revolution

Permanently damaged if this attitude is not kept in check…

Avoid running your microgreens farm on fear. BROCCOLI MICROGREENS SUPERFOOD BENEFITS are a great reward for the small investment you make. Most growers needlessly compromise on quality and variety. They then try to overcompensate by reaching out for other high super-food gimmicks on the market. They also make the mistake of ignoring opportunities to grow other premium priced microgreen varieties such as Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula and so on mainly out of fear of the cost. Moreover they will happily splurge on super-food unproven gimmicks. There are a gazillion of those in the marketplace. Shoddy goods at best. Toxic at worst.

So you should approach your exotic Broccoli Microgreens superfood benefits courageously and creatively using your trays just like an artist you use a canvas.

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Many people like you may feel frustrated, angry and helpless about their situation. But what do you do to find solutions beyond that?
The most practical approach is growing your own greens at home. But not just any greens... Imagine growing your own organic Broccoli Microgreens to add to your delicious salads and smoothies on a consistent basis.

You will absolutely love it from the health benefits to the awesome taste. These have a shelf life of 6 months and can be grown year round indoors by a window sill in a Microgreens Tray. So there you have it, the SOLUTION and a chance to change your situation and that of your family for the better. Also Included is a FREE STEP BY STEP COLOR GUIDE!

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