Get 1000 views to your youtube short film video link

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We will run an exclusive campaign for your short film video to get 1000 views by following these steps.


  1. We feature your youtube short film video link in all shortfundly social media channels.
  2. Run e-mail campaign to all our shortfundly [] registered users and they will get to know about your short film.
  3. We do continuously promote your short film youtube video link in our Facebook group and WhatsApp group.
  4. Shortfundly team write a review about your short film and post it on our blog []

These steps help you to reach viewers really quickly.

So, After you purchased this package, we need your short film youtube link. You need to send your youtube video link to shortfundly official WhatsApp number +91-9884452159. Shortfundly team will validate your short film and contact you to proceed further and start the campaign.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion package will not club any other promotion packages.
  2. No refund.

You have agreed on our terms and conditions to make payment.

Note: This price includes 18% GST

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