Digital Marketing Tools Mastery

₹ 999

Digital marketing tools mastery is the course created by Deepak Kankakraju, Deepak Kanakaraju is a digital marketing author, speaker, and consultant. He blogs about digital marketing at and heads digital marketing at
He has invested over a million dollars in digital advertising through the course of his career. He has extensive experience in all the major digital marketing channels such as Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Display Marketing and Integrated Digital Marketing

You will learn 8 modules of digital marketing tools mastery

  1. Digital marketing tools mastery it comprises 8 video series

  2. Email marketing tools mastery, it has 2 video

  3. SEO tools mastery, it has 4 video series

  4. Web analytics tools mastery, it has 3 video

  5. Advertising tools mastery, it has 4 video

  6. Video Making & Editing Tools- 1 video

  7. Learning Management Systems- 2 video

  8. Web Hosting & Cloud Storage- 2 video