How to do Keyword Research with Free Tools

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Learn how to do Useful Keyword Research using a free tool (plus two bonus free tools) in this 35-page E Book.

You don't have to be an SEO expert to follow these principles. Get your content to rank on Google with these effective tips.

Get the companion workbook that you can fill out and re-use for free keyword research ( )


“I love how Shailaja combines relevant information with a lot of practical insight. There are changes in the digital space practically every week. She gives you power-packed information on a topic (SEO) and also uses examples from her own work to show us how to use these platforms dynamically. It's one thing to use information and textbooks to work in this space. It is quite another to start thinking like a digital marketer and learning on the job continuously. Shailaja's sessions and her e-books do both!”

  • Shweta Sharan, Writer, Education Revolution

"The book is detailed and informative with clear action steps. I thought I had a fairly good idea of SEO since I have a few posts that rank on the first page of Google. However, this e-book helped clear some of my misconceptions and gave me some immediate strategies for SEO implementation."

  • Archana Sarat, Author and Blogger, Read Write Inspire