Consultation with Sheelaa M Bajaj

₹ 12,036

This service includes a 15-30 Min Phone Consultation with Sheelaa M Bajaj.
This is a consultation and numerological analysis session.
This consultation includes a Name correction
This consultation fee is non Refundable.
This analysis can be availed for 1 person.
Preferably, whats app your details to +91 99001 20034
or email your full name and date of birth before the consultation to

Please mention specifically if the analysis is required for a , personal name or baby name.
Business names corrections are not part of this service.

This session will help you understand if there are planetary blocks that are preventing you from achieving the desired results in your life.

Clients who have availed this service have had financial gain in business or investments or unexpected gifts, career progress, better relationships with family and friends, finding a suitable partner, overall fame and recognition, and many other aspects in life.

Would you like any of the above in your life?