Donate And Get 50% Tax Exemption

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Min ₹ 100

Want to get tax exemption. Donate To ShivShakti and get 50% Tax Exemption
Contribute to cause, get tax exemption too. Support shivahakti's projects and get tax benefit in return.
When you contribute to cause and help peoples in need, through shivshakti foundation you experience the joy of giving, besides that, you shall also get 50% tax exemption.
Yes, that is true. When you make contribution to support our cause of youth development, sports, art and culture, education, health, agriculture and rural development, environment and women empowerment programe, you are eligible to tax exemption under 80G of income tax act.
A contribution of some amount or more will get 50 % tax exemption too. Extend your support today.
For More information call on 9673371785