पर्यावरण जनजागृती करणेसाठी तसेच चित्रकला स्पर्धा आयोजन करण्यासाठी केंद्र सरकार कडून सामाजिक/सेवाभावी संस्थाना रु. १ लक्ष अनुदान. रेडीमेड प्रकल्प अहवाल

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केंद शासनाकडून पर्यावरण विषयी जनजागृती करणेसाठी तसेच वातावरण बदल व पर्यावरण विषयी चित्रकला स्पर्धा घेणेसाठी समाजिक/स्वयंसेवी संस्थाना रुपये १ लाखापर्यंत अनुदान दिले जाते. सदर अनुदान हे पृथ्वी दिवस साजरा करणे व पर्यावरण जनजागृती करणेसाठी दिले जाते. यासाठी केंद्रीय मंत्रालयाने प्रस्ताव मागितले असून प्रस्ताव दाखल करणेचा अंतिम अवधी हा १० जानेवारी २०२० आहे. सदर विस्तृत प्रकल्प अहवाल English भाषेमध्ये आम्ही तयार केला असून सदर प्रस्ताव/अहवाल MS WORD मध्ये EDIT करता येणार आहे. यामध्ये फक्त पिवळ्या कलर मधील आमच्या शिवशक्ती सोशल फौंडेशन या संस्थेची माहिती बदलून आपल्या संस्थेची टाकायची आहे. सदर प्रस्ताव EDIT करून दिलेल्या परिपूर्ण कागदपत्रासह आपण केंद्र शासनाकडे विहित कालावधीत सादर केल्यास आपणास पर्यावरण जनजागृती करणेसाठी अनुदान मिळेल. सदर प्रस्तावासाठी आम्ही गेले २ वर्षापासून अनुदान घेत आहे. त्याचे मंजुरी पत्र आपणस पहावयास मिळेल.

प्रस्ताव संबंधी संक्षिप्त माहिती पुढीलप्रमाणे आहे.

Call for Proposal to celebrate Earth Day 2020
Earth day is the largest, most widely celebrated International event as it provides a chance
to remember what an amazing planet we live on. It is the only planet in our solar system teeming
with incredible biodiversity. People all over the world celebrate this day and make efforts to protect
planet and it environment.
1. Ministry also celebrates Earth Day on 22nd April each year and invites proposals for
limited financial support to organize the Erath day. However, the financial support shall be subject
to fund availability/priority of ministry /compliance of term & conditions & competence & relevant
background of NGO. Canvassing in any form shall be a disqualification.
2. Theme of Earth Day 2020 is proposed as “Climate Change/Climate Action” Theme. A
variety of topics and activities are given for the selection. The details are placed on the website of
the Ministry
3. The competition for the following age groups and corresponding time duration mentioned
(i) Students of Primary class level for 1 hour duration.
(ii) Students from class 6th onwards and upto Secondary class (10th standard) level for 1 ½
hour duration.
(iii) Students from Senior Secondary (11th standard) and upto graduation level from college for
2 hour duration.
4. Guide lines:
a) There are few topics and variety of activities mentioned separately, either the choice can be made
from the list (Para 5) or you can select as per your choice, but, it must be within the theme as
proposed by the Ministry.
b) The Grant can be utilized on Prizes (1st Prize-Rs 5000/-, 2nd Prize-Rs 4000/- and 3rd Prize-3000/-,
Consolation Prize-Rs.2000/-), Refreshment, Stationary, Transport for students etc.
c) It is mandatory for each Institution/NGO to submit the Utilization Certificate (prescribed
Performa) and audited statement of expenditure by the head of the Institution along with
prize winning painting competition sheets/craft/models of all categories and a complete
Report to the Ministry within one month positively. The best three prize winners out of all in
each category will be felicitated with a prize on the Foundation Day of the Ministry (i.e. 27th July).
d) All the organizers (school, colleges-Universities, NGO’s-Centers) are requested to issue a
certificate to the participants. Ministry can depute an officer or from attached offices/autonomous
Institutions of the Ministry to attend the function of the Earth Day Celebrations.
e) The school, college/University, NGO/Centre are advised to submit the application in the
prescribed Performa (as attached, available on website of the Ministry) with a covering letter
address to Head, Outreach Programme, Ministry of Earth Science, ”Prithvi Bhawan”, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi 11003. The proposals (hard copy duly signed by the competent authority) should be
submitted by 10th January 2020. Proposal submitted after the due date will not be considered.
f) In case, the Inst/NGO fails to submit the painting competition sheets within the prescribed
period any proposal from that particular Inst/NGO will not be entertained for next two years.
… cont /
g) Drawing sheets (white) 22”x15” should only be used for drawing.
h) The decision of the Ministry will be the final.
5. Topics
There are few topics given below, either the choice can be made from this list or you can select as
per your choice, but, it must be within the theme as proposed by the Ministry.
a) Conservation of rivers and water
b) Sustenance of various ecosystems.
c) Ocean resources (Living & Non living resources).
d) Impact of Climate change.
e) Deforestation & A forestation and their significance.
f) Atmospheric Ocean.
g) Polar Science.
h) Sustainable use of natural resources.
i) Biosphere.
6. Type of activities
There are few activities mention below, selection can be made out of this list or you can make
as per your creativity.
a) Drawing/Painting competition.
b) Poster competition
c) Craft competition.
d) Model competition.

टीप : पेमेंट यशस्वी झालेनंतर आपणास आपण दिलेल्या मेल आयडी वर पेमेंट स्लीप मिळेल. तसेच आणखी एक मेल येईल ज्यामध्ये DOWNLOAD FILES या पर्यायावर क्लिक करून आपण २४ तासाच्या आत फाईल download करू शकता. पेमेंट झालेनंतर २४ तासांनी download लिंक expire होईल नंतर आपणास फाईल download करता येणार नाही.
वरील प्रस्ताव मंजुरीचे अधिकार शासनाला आहेत. आम्ही फक्त प्रस्ताव बनवून देतो. मंजुरी हा विषय फंडिंग उपलब्धता, संस्थेची कागदपत्रे आणि शासन निर्णय यावर अवलंबून आहे. आम्ही सदर प्रस्ताव सामाजिक बांधिलकीतून कमी पैशात देत आहे. प्रस्ताव खरेदी हा आपला ऐच्छिक विषय आहे याची नोंद घ्यावी. तसेच शासन निर्णय व तत्सम विभागाकडून योजनेची माहिती घ्यावी. योजनेमध्ये काही बदल होऊ शकतात. याची योग्य खात्री करून घ्यावी.

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