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Contribute to cause, get tax exemption too. Support shivahakti's projects and get tax benefit in return.
When you contribute to cause and help peoples in need, through shivshakti foundation you experience the joy of giving, besides that, you shall also get 50% tax exemption.
Yes, that is true. When you make contribution to support our cause of youth development, sports, art and culture, education, health, agriculture and rural development, environment and women empowerment programmes, you are eligible to tax exemption under 80G of income tax act.
A contribution of some amount or more will get 50 % tax exemption too. Extend your support today. is a agriculture informative website owned by Shivshakti Social Foundation. It is created for farmers and persons related to agriculture sector. Our vision behind this is to educate farmers and connects to agriculture enterprises, experts, scientist and all others reltd to agriculture sector. Shivshakti Social Foundation is a famous NGO working in various fields. Agriculture and Rural Development is one of the core pillar of ShivShakti. We educate and empower farmers. Information, Images and data in this website wholly owned by ShivShakti and it created by users. It is useful for farmers and agri persons. Access is free to all. But copy and sharing without our author and web portal information is prohibited. You can save and share anywhere with original link. Information and data on this portal created by users so we does not give a guarantee for true or faulty data, It is wholly responsibility of author.If you have additional questions or require more information about us, do not hesitate to Contact through email at
This project is not for profit. so we need some funding. We wish to work for farmers empowerment and agriculture development. This portal will became a information hub for farmers. so, please give your contribution.