Alexander Technique Continuous Learning Programme

  • Start Date: Oct. 8, 2018, 6 p.m.
  • End Date: Oct. 25, 2018, 9 p.m.
  • Venue: Shoonya Mari
Min 23,000

The Alexander Technique Continuous Learning Programme conducted by Beatrice and Robin, will set the foundation for a professional Teacher Training school at Shoonya. Participants who attend this program will be eligible to sign up for the whole course in 2019. Together, Beatrice and Robin have over 25 years of experience and they have qualified many teachers, who are working successfully worldwide. Limited to 15 seats only.

Developed by F. Matthias Alexander in 1894 the Alexander Technique is essentially a re-educative self-help system that promotes better health by improving posture, coordination and breathing. It is used by people from all backgrounds and all ages both in the arts, in offices and businesses, at home and in all sporting activities. Doctors frequently recommend a course of lessons to their patients to assist with poor posture, whiplash injury, all kinds of back problems (including slipped discs) or with respiratory troubles. Many well known celebrities and performers take lessons to manage stress and improve their performance in whatever they do.

This is a two week programme from Monday to Friday, 6pm-9pm at Shoonya. There is a third week which can be booked with the two weeks, or separately, with a programme on Raymond Darts procedures called The Evolution of Movement. Darts work will be part of the training.

Why might I need the Alexander technique?

To improve poor posture and relieve troublesome tension.
To assist in coping with severe physical pains or difficulties, coordination problems, or voice or breathing difficulties.
To prevent yourself from getting into difficulties from poor postural habits in the future. 
To improve your performance at playing a musical instrument or in a sport activity.
To present yourself better in a business setting or give more effective presentations.
To look your best! And reduce stress effectively.
The Technique begins to help you alter and improve your coordination, breathing and daily actions straight away. In this way your habitual ways of doing things are shown up and you soon discover alternative ways of carrying out any action with less effort and more awareness. You can begin to change these habits at once by applying the basics of the Technique. Teachers often give pupils ways of training so that habit patterns change in a general way by employing what Alexander called “positions of mechanical advantage”. 

About the Facilitators: Robin John and Béatrice Simmons

Béatrice Simmons (SBAT, MSTAT) (b. 1955) from Switzerland has been teaching the F.M. Alexander Technique and led shamanic healing sessions for over 25 years. Apart from training professionals, she also offers private lessons as well as courses in Alchemy of Fragrances and in Shaman Alchemy. She runs a private practice in Shamanic work in her Attara Atelier in Switzerland. 
Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT (b 1946) has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1971 having trained to be a teacher by Walter Carrington who succeeded Alexander as a teacher-trainer after Alexander died in 1955. As well as giving individual lessons since he trained, Robin has himself been training teachers at his officially approved teacher-training course since 1982 (now situated in Zürich). He is married to and co-directs the training school with Béatrice Simmons-Heiz.

Rights of admission reserved.
No refunds or cancellations.