Dream Biz Discovery

₹ 1,999

"DREAM BIZ DISCOVERY" is an online, self - study course for women who are serious about understanding their calling and turning that into a business!

This course is ideal for you if you relate to any of the following:

Your mind is filled with thoughts and ideas but you don’t know which one you should settle down on!
You spend time doing things that you love and have often wondered if you could turn that into business
You’ve been excelling at your job but you feel that need for flexibility that only working from home can offer
You have been struggling financially on a single income and want financial abundance without any ceiling
You’ve been the boss at home and want to now discover your identity as a pro
You know you should be killing it on the business front, but you don’t want your family to feel left out. You seem to be playing it low key!
You’ve been there. You tried to make things work but they didn’t. Now, you don’t have the will to go through trial and error!

All of that is about to change because I’m about to reveal what you need to know in order start your own business

It is a 6 module course for women who are serious about understanding their calling and turning that into a business! This is a course that is custom made for women in context of the Indian scenario, who want to learn how to ideate, validate, and use the right tools to set up their business the right way!
I am going to help you identify the right business for you based on your strengths and capabilities. In this course, I will not only guide you to know what you should be doing, but I will also help you explore the tools and resources that will help you be on top of the game.
After taking this course, you will walk away with clarity knowing what to do when.

What will you receive in this course?
9 Videos
One 60 minute Q & A coaching call with me (worth Rs 5000)
Discounts and first access to all my future courses
Additional bonus resources
Access to our group of women entrepreneurs to support and guide you when you get stuck.

How do I know if "Dream Biz Discovery" is right for me?
You are looking for ways to generate an income while working from home
You want to start your own business but aren't sure where to start
You have a lot of ideas in your head but don't know which one to select
You are a stay at home mom who wants to contribute to the family income but not at the expense of neglecting your family
You are retired and are seeking a new challenge
You are tired of a corporate job and dream of building a life and career on your terms

You’re probably not right for "Dream Biz Discovery" if:
You’re looking for get rich quick schemes
You’re not willing to put in 5-7 hours of study time / week
You are not willing to do the work that is needed to build your business
You believe that somebody else is going to set up the business for you
You can't have a little bit of fun and need to be serious all the time
You believe that somebody else is going to tell you a great business idea and you will pull it off

Things not covered in this course:
Licenses and registration
Legal advice
Funding, loans or capital investment
Marketing strategies

What do you need:
An internet connect and laptop/computer
A curious mind and a desire to learn
6-8 hours / week to go through the entire course module and complete the exercises

Language: English
This course comes with a risk free, 30 day guarantee!