Marketing 101 for Soapmakers in India



So, have you decide to turn your soap making hobby into a business.
Well congratulations!!
If you have been selling your goodies for a while, I know you will relate when I say that making soaps and other products isnt difficult.
Selling them is!!

Let me share with you marketing fundas and strategies that you can use to differentiate yourself from other soap makers, get more customers and sales.

Join me on Marketing 101 for Handmade Soapmakers. This is an online workshop which will help you immensely in creating a successful business.

🙆‍♀️#####Here's why you should sign up:#####
If you are looking to get more sales online💰
If you want to learn how to build a brand
If you want to have a unique identity than your competitors
If you want to learn how to market your business online
If you want to learn how to get customers to keep coming back!!
If you want access to real samples of emails and other templates used by me in my business

Format: Pre-recorded videos and worksheets (learn anytime at your convenience)

BONUS: Here's what you also get:
1) If you join this course, you will also get a feature on my page where you can share your story and put your brand in front of numerous women.
2) You get lifetime access to the videos for as long as the workshop is hosted
3) You will also get free access to future upgrades to the workshop (which will be launched at a higher price)
4) you get access to real time emails, content strategy and marketing templates used by me in my business. These are not available otherwise and no other business owner ever shares them!

Here's what the course doesn't teach:
  1. formulating or making of soaps or skin / hair care products
  2. how to register a business, other licenses or legalities
Why learn from me?:

1) I have been selling handmade skincare since 2012 under Burst Of Happyness
2) I have earned well over 7 figures from selling my products
3) I have worked as a consultant for skincare startups and helped them develop a business strategy
3) I have coached numerous handcrafters in various lines to grow their business
4) I have a background in advertising and I have worked with major clients to develop marketing and branding strategies
5) I want to help you grow