Your Fantastic Life & Business Workbook (Planner for 2020) - Digital Version

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This is a planning system to help you review your life and business and set goals to make 2020 your best year!

How is this different from other planners available in the market?

Unlike other planners which are simply a book of empty calendars and to-do lists, this planning system guides you, prompts you and helps you build a vision for your life & business. You can then convert this vision into goals, action plan and tasks.

This workbook + planner is designed to help you accomplish all of your life & business goals all year long!

This system will help you:

Be more focused, organised and systematic
Discover a beautiful work - life balance
Discover your purpose, have a vision and have clarity in your goals
Plan your projects way in advance so that you are not scrambling last minute
Have better control over your future
Find more joy in life and your relationships
Build healthy habits and self care routine for yourself

This workbook + planner has 4 parts:


This section has numerous prompts and questions about various aspects of your life like finances, relationships, self - growth, health & self love, community love and business planning. Take the time to plan and reflect on these questions. When you do this you will experience more clarity and better results in the coming year.

Monthly Planner:

Set your personal and business goals for each month at the start of the month. Also create your action plan to achieve your goal. At the end of each month, complete the monthly review to see how you did that month - what you accomplished / what you need to continue in the coming month

Weekly Planner:

Use the weekly planner to focus on the action plan that you had decided for the month. You can divide the action plan into bite size - doable plans for each week of the month.

Daily Planner:

Use the daily planner to track all your tasks which you need to complete to achieve your weekly action plan.

What’s my planning philosophy?

I believe, you need to dream to create big changes in your life & biz because without dreams you have no goals - no objectives to work towards.

I also believe that personal life and business have to be both in sync with each other.
So in order to succeed, you cannot do business planning in isolation but you also need to set goals for your life and find balance in various aspects like family, health, self growth etc.

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