Bed Bath Wipes (10 nos pack)

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    Hapus Dry Sheet is a Breathable, reusable, Eco Friendly and washable sheet ideal for Infants, babies and also for adults / bed ridden patients who have urinary incontinence. No parent like the infinite cycle of changing diaper. Dry Sheet protects your baby and the bed from getting wet, No more crinkly feeling and pressure using rubber sheet which causes heat, rashes and bed sores.
    Hapus Dry Sheet is a waterproof, breathable membrane bonded to a very cozy, soft, eco fabric.

    Product Features
    • Durable & Breathable
    • Waterproof Bed Protector
    • Dries Faster
    • Overnight Protection
    • Un Interrupted Sleep
    • Highly Hygienic Dry Sheet
    • Diaper Free Nights
    • No Feeling of Heat
    • Hold 8 times its wight of water
    • For better results wash before use