Mastering the Art of Photography Composition

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Mastering the Art of Photography Composition: Learn Tips and Tricks for Better Creative Photos for Beginners and Intermediate Photographers

One of the major problems photographers face is not knowing what it takes to compose a great photo. Often, a photographer will spend long days capturing photos only to return with a set of images that he or she is not completely satisfied with. Sure, the lighting and exposure may have turned out great, but the overall composition of the photos leaves something to be desired. In short, they lack that “wow” factor that they see in other photographers’ shots.

Composition is the foundation in which great photography is built upon. A photo may be properly lit and contain good subject matter, but if it is doesn’t have good composition it will never be considered more than an amateur shot. How can you overcome this? We’ll teach you in this book.

Finally, a Book on the Art of Photography that Teaches Tips and Tricks for Creative Composition!
Our intention with this book is to teach you the tips and tricks professionals use to craft a great image design and learn how to incorporate these into composition that will lay the foundation for you to create amazing photos. Once you master the art of photography composition, you’ll know exactly what elements it takes to compose a great shot before you even touch the shutter button! As a result, it will free you up to concentrate on the other ingredients that go into making a beautiful photograph.

Digital photography composition techniques you'll learn include:

  • How to develop the ability to see and shoot great digital photographs

  • Multiple ways in which to compose the best shot, regardless of subject matter

  • What the rule of thirds is and how to use it to your advantage

  • Where to place dominant vertical or horizontal subjects within the frame for maximum results

  • How to effectively use symmetry in photography

  • Understanding balance and visual weight within a photo

  • How to use lines in photography

  • How each type of line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved) can be used to evoke a specific feeling within the viewer

  • How to instantly make a boring composition more dynamic

  • Ways in which to use different camera angles to add interest to a photo

  • How to master Out of Focus Foreground Framing, a signature style of many professional photographers

  • Unique ways to composing better backgrounds in any situation

  • How less can actually be more in photography

  • and much more!

If you own a camera you owe it to yourself to learn how to master the art of composition in photography. The lessons taught in this book will provide you with knowledge you can use or the rest of your life as a photographer. Throughout this book you’ll find multiple examples of great photography composition that you can use for inspiration for your own shots.