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🔹Massive Hike Program🔹 + EXTRA
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This is the most comprehensive Employability Program for your growth, increased Salary & income, Respect, positioning and Boosting your IT Opportunities. It is well-Categorised into 3 stages:

Stage 1️⃣ - To Get Known about Hidden Job Vacancies & Opportunities for which people are not even applying. This Ultimately brings you in front & overcome your Fear of Rejection, Failure & not getting Opportunities. And Interview Communication will also be guided upon.

Stage 2️⃣ - In this Section, you get to Learn hell lot of strategies & secrets:

▪️To Attract more Interview Calls like a Magnet.
▪️Crafting your Profile / CV / Resume.
▪️Profile Optimisation Masterclass.
▪️Fine Tuning of your Social Job Portal to grab the attention of Recruiter.
▪️Linkedin/ - Profile Visibility-Boosting Secrets

Stage 3️⃣ - Now, you start getting Calls / Invites / Interviews. So, here we work on how to move next round by round & how to Build trustable credibility in front of the Recruiter.
▪️Supreme Salary Negotiation
▪️Notice Period Negotiation
▪️Authority Building with the HR's & Managers
▪️Showcasing your Experience with more Depth
▪️Building your Video Resume - As Great Companies giving more preference to those candidates
& much more...

👇It's a Step by Step JOURNEY👇
▪️To Attract more Interview First.
▪️Then Convert your Interviews up to Offer Letters.
▪️And Finally Converting them into Highest Paying Offers & Incredible Hikes.

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