Indian History

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Dear Aspirants,
We are glad to present the 2nd edition of ‘Indian History’, a book much sought
after by the aspirant community for the preliminary examination.
The market is already galore with books on Indian History for Civil Services
Examination. On top of this, the spurt in electronic media in the recent years has left
aspirants confused with loads of unsolicited study materials. With the Damocles sword of ‘time’ hanging over the head of aspirants, too much data is like venturing into a game of
fire without a safety cloak. This book has been developed to address this confusion by
providing the most relevant and appropriate contents in a crisp manner.
We have prepared this book to cater to the needs of the preliminary examination,
taking into account the current trends in UPSC examinations.
The previous edition of Indian History for Civil Services Examination was well
received by the aspirant community and we had received many suggestions to enrich and
enhance the content which were carefully incorporated in this edition.