E-book - Step by Step Guide to Start Your Own Business - You Can Do It!

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This will be an E-book in pdf format
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Hard ccover is available at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/1946048038
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, but bogged down by questions like Why, What and How to start your own business?

Well, You Can Do It is a step by step guide to take you through key decisions before and during your entrepreneurial journey.

Packed with insights, business hacks, strategies, case studies and best practices, this book is a must-have for first generation entrepreneurs who understand that success comes from constant learning - not just from mistakes but also from the success stories of others.

- Neatly divided into ten chapters, the authors compel the readers to move beyond the
ordinary to newer, unexplored targets.

  • Chase your dream; be your own boss and create wealth pipelines to boost passive income for
    future generations.

  • It is a ready reckoner of not just tips and tricks, but also oft-ignored, yet highly important
    issues like selecting the right business location, operational challenges and effective way to
    use social media marketing.

  • That's not all. An entire chapter is dedicated to starting a business while still working which
    can create parallel incomes for you and your family.

Grab your copy now to enter the entrepreneurial world with poise and elan. After all, success in business cannot be achieved with a management degree alone.

Also available at Amazon (Hard Cover) & Kindle Version
Hard cover available at Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1946048038
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