SoulSpeak Tarot session

Min ₹ 1,170


Thank you for your interest in SoulSpeak!

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards used for guidance and predictions. The reason I love Tarot reading is because it guides you on how to deal with a situation and tells you what is best for you, rather than telling you what is going to happen. In other words, it is not fatalistic, like some other branches of astrology. I use a unique combination of intuition and knowledge to conduct live personalized readings over the phone.
All readings are warm, detailed, and come with a personal touch :)
And oh, did I mention they are 100% confidential as well?

The process

Here's how it works. You may look at the options below and choose the question(s) you want to ask. Then, you make the payment for the specific amount. On the next page, you will be asked for your question (optional - you can tell me the question directly when we speak) and give your contact details. Soon after, I will message/call you to set up a reading within the next 3 days, at a mutually acceptable time.

Find below the types of questions you can ask:

Basic question: INR 1,170

The best option for those who have a single specific question like "What is XYZ thinking about me?" or "Why did this happen?" or "What should I do to get this?". Alternatively, you can be vague and ask about any one aspect of your life, such as "Tell me about my career in the next 3/6 months".

Past/Present/Future Spread: INR 1625

This is used to throw light on one particular aspect/situation in life. It tells you the past, present, future of say, your career/a relationship/your health/any other issue you might be dealing with.

Options Spread: INR 1820

This works best if you are confused between two options (for eg. - two job offers), or decisions where you want to know whether you should say Yes/No to something.

Lovers Spread: INR 3250

A personal favorite, this is a very detailed reading focusing on a relationship between two people. It gives detailed insight into what's going on in both people's minds, the present, the future and the ultimate outcome fo the relationship. This also gives guidance on what you can do to bring harmony into your relationship. Perfect for relationship woes.

Classic Celtic Cross Spread: INR 5200

This is the classic 10 card spread which gives a very detailed picture of a situation. It tells you what happened in the distant past, near past, present, external influences, fears, things you need to know (but don't yet), what needs to be done, near future, distant future, and ultimate outcome. Can be used for absolutely any situation.

Thank you once again for getting in touch with me. SoulSpeak assures you of a satisfying experience. Hope to see you again soon :)